Bone Conduction Headphones With Mic

Bone conduction headphones with mic allow users to listen to audio via vibrations transmitted through their cheekbones rather than through air. It’s a natural technique that sea mammals use underwater and composer Beethoven adopted when he lost his hearing. Bypassing your eardrum makes for easy listening, but the quality of sound suffers compared to traditional headphones that seal around or inside your ears. Audiophiles should steer clear of bone conduction cans.

The best bone conduction headphones are lightweight and don’t put too much pressure on your head, which is important when you wear them for long periods of time. They also need to have a sturdy build and be sweat- and waterproof if you’re going to use them on your commute or during your workouts. They also need to have a battery life that lasts up to 10 hours or more, and a microphone that lets you make phone calls without taking your hands off the controls.

While naysayers point out that bone-conduction headsets can be unsafe and cause vertigo, most of the models featured on this list have been tested by the International Consumer Product Safety Commission to ensure they’re safe to use. It’s also worth mentioning that these headphones won’t cancel out outside noise, which is important for pedestrians and those who have to stay alert while they’re out on their commutes or while they’re working out outdoors.

Our pick for the best bone-conduction headphones with mic is the Shokz OpenRun ($129 at Amazon). This pair is a rebrand of the AfterShokz Aeropex, and it’s currently the best set on the market for most people. They offer Bluetooth 5.1, a mobile app, and 8th-gen bone conduction technology for easy listening. Other features include a proprietary two-pin connector, a full eight-hour battery life, and a water-resistant rating of IPX7 (good for getting dunked or swum in). bone conduction headphones with mic

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