Crystal Bracelets For Prosperity and Healing

Crystal bracelets are one of the most accessible ways to harness the power of crystals and their purported metaphysical properties. From promoting prosperity to fostering love and healing, each type of crystal is said to resonate with certain intentions and align you with your highest self.

If you are looking to attract prosperity, pyrite is an excellent choice, as it is believed to bring wealth and good fortune. Citrine is also associated with wealth and abundance, as well as encouraging self-love and balancing emotions. If you’re in a career-focused mindset, green aventurine and tiger’s eye are known to increase motivation and enhance leadership qualities. For a more spiritual journey, rose quartz is believed to open the heart and attract love while fostering self-love and healing in relationships. Moonstone encourages fertility and balance, as well as connecting you with your feminine energy.

There are also crystals for health and healing, like amethyst to improve blood circulation, balancing the endocrine system and alleviating mood swings. Sodalite promotes intuition and clarity, especially in those who work with the mind, and assists with articulating thoughts and ideas clearly. Selenite is known as a cleanser and is helpful for clearing energy blockages in the body.

To recharge your crystal bracelet, simply place it in sunlight or in moonlight for a few hours. You can also smudge the bracelet with a bundle of herbs such as white sage, palo santo or cedar and move it through the smoke. This process is believed to clear and energize the crystals, restoring their energies and making them more potent. crystal bracelets

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