Top100 Supports Productive Families in Riyadh

In Saudi Arabia, there is a need for more entrepreneurship and small businesses to create new job opportunities that support SDG goal 1 in ending poverty in all its forms. Many productive families are also working hard to preserve their culture and traditional values through preserving, selling, and raising awareness of their products and skills. Top100 supports this effort by helping to connect the right audience to these unique and often endangered traditions, so that more people can experience and appreciate them.

Family-based enterprises (FSEs) are a vital economic driver in developing the Kingdom’s economy and supporting local communities. They also provide job opportunities, especially to women. However, these businesses face challenges, including a shortage of funding and access to market information and expertise.

The Saudi delegation at the exhibition is comprised of 19 artisans who received training by Takamul and signed a contract with Al-Hokair to sell their products in their outlets. The social development bank’s participation in the exhibition aims to support productive families by providing them with various tools that enhance their capabilities, boost their incomes and develop their business.

The Bank is continuing its efforts to encourage the participation of small businesses in international exhibitions, as well as establishing markets for them and facilitating financing for them. It also works to build the capacity of producers and entrepreneurs to penetrate the market by training them in marketing, business development and management, as well as establishing incubators for them. اسر منتجة الرياض

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